Saturday, May 20, 2017

All's well that does not end in the well!

The problem with modern educated people

The problem with modern educated people is that their thinking is not original. If they ever grasp that they have not had an original thought ever since they attained adulthood, then that will probably be their first original thought ever since they attained adulthood.  If modern people read this then their mind will truly be boggled. It will most probably be rejected since the insight does not fit into their already preconceived notions and theories and concepts. In their own limited boxes in their minds where they have compartmentalised information and knowledge this situation is something which cannot be assimilated simply because their prior conditioning does not allow them to do so.

All thoughts which they have are nothing but a result of experiencing movies (mostly silly blockbusters), books (mostly textbooks), peer interaction (mostly superficial) and social media (mostly inane facebook posts). Because of their education they do not have the ability to objectively assess and analyse. All of life is nothing but highly trained role playing based on continuous repeated actions of the supposedly proper thing to do. Even emotional responses are properly conditioned to provide an appropriate response to any given situation. Even something as original an aspect as creativity is properly labelled and categorised so that any so called creative action is nothing but a reflex mechanism of previously enacted training and deep conditioning.

Some people who cannot get educated through books (semi-moderns) are done so through other means. Mostly peer interaction of educated moderns. Political Correctness, Proper etiquettes, Conforming to existing fashion in clothing and speech and so on is considered as the apex of human behaviour. Once the appropriate training is achieved and conditioned behaviour is displayed for a significant amount of time then that person can be considered as civilised. Uniformity and a deep need to conform is the trademark of this class

The uncivilised ones (like your regular taxi driver, domestic help, or any person belonging to the so called lower class, the proles) are very unlike the modern educated people.  Their speech, action and behaviour suggests much lower conditioning and training. Most of life is natural, instinctive and honest. Manners, etiquettes, customs, fads, trends are all kept to the bare minimum. They have better things to do like fighting for survival as everyday is a battle to bring food to the table.  Conditioning efforts directed towards them have a minimal effect because innate independence (due to lack of education) ensures that each person maintains a personal individuality even amidst a barrage of conditioning. However, the second gen of the lower class are highly prone to get addled by conditioning efforts and are easily converted into the ranks of semi educated moderns. The wannabes who do not have the werewithal to become fully functional educated morons but are driven and are highly aspirational to achieve that status. Their parents look at them with disdain and pain as they blow away hard earned money in acting out their fake pretensions.

And then there are the leftovers. Who for some reason or the other dispel away conditioning efforts directed towards them. They are unable to fit in with either the educated morons, or the non educated but individualistic lower class nor the second gen semi morons of the lower class. Probably their category is the most tragic. Even though this class has some talent for objectivity and originality among other things, their abilities are largely unutilised. Life withers away just in pretending to be normal. If properly channelled, they can be of good service. Self-learning is perhaps the best tool for development of abilities for this class. Setting boundaries is important as it’s a problem for them to understand what is possible and what’s not.